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The Woodstock Collection

The Woodstock Collection is the latest collection by Cape Cobra Leathercraft.

Design and Creation are fundamental components of human civilization and culture. The Woodstock Collection represents the integration of both, as it brings together the past and the present civilization of Cape Town’s Woodstock area, the home of CCL atelier.

Based on excellence in design, The Woodstock Collection houses a unique collection of 9 pieces, with a minimalistic aesthetic yet defined by rich construction elements, geometric shapes, and bombé detail. Exuberant hints of yellows, raspberry and golds celebrate the spirit of South African heritage, while perfectly balanced by a timeless palette of greys, blues and deep greens.

The Collection puts emphasis on the beauty of our natural resources, and celebrates the fusion of uniquely African prints with the faceted structures and shapes of the latter day Art Deco era. As ever the beauty of the skin is core and centre to the timeless creations, consistent with CCL legacy.


To view the latest designs that embody the Woodstock Collection, follow the link below: