The Relic Collection Spring/Summer ’17

The Relic Collection 2017

The blending of nostalgia and modern sophistication capture the true essence of Cape Cobra Leathercraft and its rich and vibrant history.
The Relic Collection was inspired by centuries of objects and momentums collected by the Schafer family. Each of the seven designs feature elements of the memorabilia, through oval shapes and organic curves, vintage frames and wooden handles, and intricate embroidered patterns mimicked from over five generations of artisans. Gem like colours such as Rose Quartz and light sapphire add a hint of romance to the Spring/Summer pallet.
This collection is a true testament to the history of the family and its origins, celebrating the flavours of culture and diversity through playful twists such as interchangeable and multi-coloured straps preserving the excellence of exotic leather craftsmanship.