Every character at Cape Cobra Leathercraft tells a story of a different journey and dreams a different path.

The individuals bestow unique attributes and each one is essential to the whole. Meet some of the Cape Cobra Leathercraft family…





Robert is a visionary leader for the organization and its people. He has a strong work ethic and is a perfectionist in all areas of his life. This is strikingly obvious from the impeccable quality of the Cape Cobra Leathercraft product. Robert committed to the family business at a young age. Through harnessing the exceptional age-old skills of leather handcraft and engaging a capacity for innovative design, he has taken the organization from strength to strength.






Richard is the second generation of the Schafer family and heads up all sales related to the Cape Cobra Leathercraft branded product. A food technologist by trade, Richard joined the company in 1996 and grew with the organization in the areas of production, operations, and today in retail. Richard also serves as a director on the Southern Africa Luxury Association.







Justine is the third generation of the family business. She studied fashion design in Cape Town and finished at Parsons in New York. She joined the company seven years ago starting in the quality control department, thereafter she worked in design, product development and now leads Business Development and Marketing at CCL. Justine works closely with design, ensuring the creations remain true to the CCL principles and aesthetic.  Like the rest of her family, Justine is a perfectionist at heart and cares deeply for the people which form the Cape Cobra Leathercraft family.





Denise (80) is the eldest of the three generations of the Schafer family that exist in Cape Cobra Leathercraft. She was an integral part for the team in the early days and remains so to this day. Her unique expertise and in-depth knowledge are assets to the success of Cape Cobra Leathercraft as an internationally renowned state-of-the art design and manufacturer of premium leather goods.







Colin is a master craftsman who has worked within the Cape Cobra Leathercraft family for forty years. He was the first male employee hired by the organization. Colin enjoys journeying with each product using his skilled artistry and keenness of eye to ensure impeccable quality is maintained at each stage







Ivanette is the head designer at CCL. She studied Fashion design at Elizabeth Galloway in Stellenbosch and joined the company shortly after completing her diploma. She has been with the company for nine years and remains passionate about designing and developing elegant, timeless and sophisticated creations using some of the worlds most valuable and beautiful skins.