CCL takes on MBFW Johannesburg with Kluk Cgdt for the Sunflower Fund

KLûK CGDT to return to the runway with a charity fashion show that epitomises Constructivism: art with a social meaning and practical purpose.

KLûK CGDT is a brand celebrated for its luxury, sophistication and uncompromising quality; one that brings South Africans an international experience of fashion by blurring the lines between ready-to-wear and couture to create limited edition demi-couture ranges that are available off the peg. Now the international award-winning creative duo of Malcolm Kluk and Christiaan Gabriël Du Toit are returning to the runway at AFI with their first show at fashion week since 2013.

Renowned for presenting their collections as experiences with dramatic narratives, where they like to connect with their customers by indulging and thrilling all their senses, the new collection titled ‘Constructivist’ promises to be no different. “Art, fabric and colour are always huge influences when we design a new collection. We drew inspiration from constructivist influences and its sub-movement – suprematism. Which resulted in a new collection is all about colour and shape, with colour blocking and bright fabric combinations which brings about a slight 60’s feel due to the colour and the freedom of the range. Think of the juxtaposition of Andy Warhol’s New York City studio The Factory and the glamour of Diana Ross, merged with the indulgence of beauty from an essentially communist movement with constructivism,” explains Kluk.
KLûK CGDT have aptly named the collection “Constructivist” which is known as art with a social meaning and practical purpose; as the launch of their latest collection is in partnership with the Sunflower Fund. The Sunflower Fund is a South African non-profit organisation dedicated to educating and recruiting potential bone marrow stem cell donors on to the South African Bone Marrow Registry in an effort to save the lives of those needing a transplant when suffering from life threatening blood disorders.

“We have a long and established relationship with the Sunflower Fund, a charity that we are extremely passionate about, and it is a privilege to have them as a beneficiary to our upcoming show. In fact my mother was instrumental in setting up the bone marrow registry, it is a deserving cause and can save lives, so we give our time and share our platforms to help them raise the money and awareness they need to keep going. Their tagline is ‘hope begins with you’; which encapsulates it all. For us it is a great balance to the world we live in, as we can all make a difference,” explains Kluk.
Du Toit goes on to explain that there is a particular shortage of ethnic donors in South Africa; “We believe that our customers are influential in many aspects of their lives, and that they will be able to help spread the word and destigmatise the fact that bone marrow stem cell donation is a painless process. We feel that our fashion show is a good time for them to make contributions to an extremely worthy cause.”
The fashion show will feature two scenes of 60 outfits, promoted with the hashtag: #itdontmatterifyouareblackorwhite as long as we have colour. “For us it doesn’t matter where you come from, as long as you give back to the society around you. What you look like is the first sense that people have of you, we want our ladies to be recognised as intelligent and forward thinking. As individuals with grace and poise, but still aware of where they are and where they come from,” remarks Du Toit.

The KLûK CGDT Sunflower Fund fashion show will be hosted on Wednesday the 16th of August 2017 in the African Fashion International official fashion week tent transformed by KLUK CGDT into a runway, cocktail event space with music, drinks and an auction. “We love the high, low juxtaposition of hosting a prêt-à-porter and couture runway show for 400 invited guests in an unconventional way. There is always a dramatic narrative, In fact it is part of the experience of the show, as it is about indulgence, we have placed buckets of champagne with waiters amoung the audience to top up drinks while they watch the fashion.
It is also about luxury and this season we have teamed up with Cape Cobra leathercraft whose exceptional exotic leather bags is unparralelled in style and quality. Also Uwe Koetter fine jewellery and Charles and Keith shoes. We wanted real luxury for this collection. Each model needs to represent the “women you want to be