Cape Cobra Leathercraft selects only the finest of exotic skins to create the state-of-the-art leather product. Exotic skins currently used are Nile crocodile, Ostrich, Lizard, Whip Snake and Python. These exotic materials are molded to shape and form by master craftsmen to form the Cape Cobra Leathercraft product which includes: handbags, such as totes, clutches or pouches in addition to briefcases luggage, belts, and smaller leather accessories.

The international wildlife trade is diverse, ranging from live animals and plants to a vast array of wildlife products derived from them, including food products, exotic leather goods, wooden musical instruments, timber, tourist curios and medicines. The trade contributes to the growth in local economies through job creation and consumerism. However, levels of exploitation of some animal and plant species are high and the trade in them, together with other factors is capable of heavily depleting their populations and even bringing some species close to extinction. Many wildlife species in trade are not endangered, but the existence of an agreement to ensure the sustainability of the trade is important, to safeguard these resources for the future.

Source: (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species)

CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is an international agreement between governments. Its aim is to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival. Because the trade in wild animals and plants crosses borders between countries, the effort to regulate it requires international cooperation to safeguard certain species from over-exploitation. CITES was conceived in the spirit of such cooperation. Cape Cobra Leathercraft obtains all exotic skins under rigid international “CITES” regulations (Washington 1973).

Furthermore, Cape Cobra Leathercraft management is committed to ensuring that all suppliers conduct themselves in a sustainable and ethical means.


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