Cape Cobra Leathercraft has a heart for people, with more than 90 employees, many of whom are with the company since its inception and were joined by their following generation.

The masters engage their apprentices in age-old techniques of the finest leathercraft, and so the tradition lives on. The diverse workforce at CCL facilitates inspiration and innovation from a broad spectrum of generations, cultures and backgrounds. The artistic creations are a result of the fusion of these many diverse imaginations.
As a three-generation family run business CCL has a strong appreciation for family values such as encouragement, support and empowerment. As a family unit, it has a heart to empower people, in particular through the provision of development and training opportunities.



Patty’s story of empowerment is an example of one of the many lives that have been transformed by the very nature of Cape Cobra.

Patty left school at sixteen. She secured work with Cape Cobra as a casual worker. She was made permanent a year later. During her time at Cape Cobra, Patty absorbed the art and skill of leathercraft, from stitching and splitting to skiving and production management. Patty was inspired by Robert’s (managing director) pro-activity and willingness to ‘do anything’ attitude. His example moulded her into who she is today and defined her work ethic. She never took a day of absence in twenty- five years and attributes this to how Cape Cobra is a family unit.

When the time came for Patty to set up her own business, Cape Cobra supported and empowered her in the pursuit of the new venture, although she says, “it was not easy to leave as the family stuck like Bostic”. Patty now employs nine individual and is dedicated to producing goods to a standard of impeccable quality and treating her staff the same ‘family way’ that she became accustomed to with Cape Cobra.

She is now married with a son and a daughter and enjoys being able to co-provide for her family. The business also contributes to the local economy and enables the individuals to support their respective dependants. “Cape Cobra is always behind me”, Patty.


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“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” – Nelson Mandela, 2003