The Woodstock Collection


November 2015

Design and Creation are fundamental components of human civilization and culture.
The Woodstock Collection represents the integration of both, as it brings together the past and the present civilization of Cape Town’s Woodstock area, the home of CCL atelier.

Based on excellence in design, The Woodstock Collection houses a unique collection of 9 pieces, with a minimalistic aesthetic yet defined by rich construction elements, geometric shapes, and bombé detail. Exuberant hints of yellows, raspberry and golds celebrate the spirit of South African heritage, while perfectly balanced by a timeless palette of greys, blues and deep greens.

The Collection puts emphasis on the beauty of our natural resources, and celebrates the fusion of uniquely African prints with the faceted structures and shapes of the latter day Art Deco era. As ever the beauty of the skin is core and centre to the timeless creations, consistent with CCL legacy.


Where it all began


 “Collectively they had incredible skills and knowledge, an appetite for life and a genuine care for people.”

It was at this time Lothar first met Denise, an Egyptian born teacher of a Franco Italian mother and Lebanese father. Two months later, after numerous picnics along the Nile, Lothar traditionally requested Denise’s hand in marriage. They were married on June 1957, as partners that would go through life together, and so they would for forty-two years. They were later blessed with two sons, Robert and Richard, and twin daughters, Nicole and Christine.

In May 1962, after the revolution motivated many Europeans to leave Egypt. The Schafer family moved to Germany before relocating to Lebanon. “You don’t know what you can do until it is expected from you”, Denise. Lebanon offered a kind life and Denise’s Lebanese father offered a perfect partnership. ‘Cordoba’ was born, named after the Spanish city which became known for its quality leather. Many of the Egyptian leather craftsmen followed Lothar to Lebanon, due to his kind and caring character. Collectively they had incredible skills and knowledge, an appetite for life and a genuine care for people. These attributes formed the corner stones of the business.



Limited Edition


January 2016

The Limited Edition Collection represents collectables that offer exclusivity of ownership over unique once-off pieces. Due to the rarity of the hardware and/ or the finish of the skins, these unique collectables are distinctive pieces, of which no more than twelve pieces are carefully handcrafted. Most pieces are absolute single pieces. Each limited edition piece is plated with a ‘Limited Edition’ plate that proclaims its rarity and significance.


News Room

CCL in collaboration with OR-GARI

What do you get if you mix a love of handpainted local design with a deep appreciation for sustainable exotic leather? A new and exquisite luxury product that can truly be considered a work of art.   Cape Cobra Leathercraft and Or-gari Golden Safari have announced a special collaboration to produce the most exquisite local exotic leather bags and accessories adorned with intricately handpainted African themes and acacia twig styled hardware.   Or-gari Golden Safari was established in 2014 by Heidi Alexandra, an interior architect, who was born in South Africa and grew up in Europe, returning to South Africa

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